Production sprint 1.3

Production sprint 1 week 3

With the feedback we received last week we continued working on the project. We added meshes and textures in the level. Solved some problems with the camera and many little tweaks.

We modelled and textured wall panels that are 2 meters wide and made them tileable, same goes for the windowed walls. For the bridges, stairs, cells, we created a trim texture, which we'll be able to use for other assets too.

We also put some props in the level like a washing machine, for the gameplay, and a table, as an obstacle, to fill the level a bit. Keep in mind that this is not the final version of the level. some rooms need to be altered.

We also resolved some issues with the camera while playing. The camera won't clip through walls when you turn the camera when you're near them etc.

Our programmers created an outline shader as well, to replace the halo effect we had in place for the prototype.

Our character artist continued working on his guard model as well. He remodeled a lot of his previous models to suit the animations better.

See you next week!


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